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Joshua, Judges and Ruth

In the Christian canon, Joshua, Judges and Ruth follow sequentially, continuing the linear narrative that begins in Genesis and extends through Esther.  Although written by different authors at different times, Joshua, Judges and Ruth function together, continuing the on-going story.  From this perspective, Joshua and Judges fit seamlessly together, while Ruth is a recapitulation to the “time when the Judges ruled” (Ruth 1:1).




St. Paul traveled over 10,000 miles by sea and by land during three missionary journeys; Paul evangelized all of Asia Minor and a good portion of Macedonia and Greece; Paul wrote 13 of the 27 books of the New Testament; and during his many years of travel, Paul suffered greatly for Christ and for the Church.

Just who was this man who worked so tirelessly for Christ, this man who accomplished so much for the kingdom of God?

Find out in this extraordinary new course with Dr. Bill Creasy and Logos Bible Study. 


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Genesis speaks of beginnings:  God’s creation; the beginning of humanity; the beginning of sin; the beginning of salvation; and the beginning of our story.  It is a literary tour de force that makes all other creation stories pale in comparison. 

This is Dr. Creasy's definitive teaching of Genesis, and it lays the foundation for everything to come.


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The Bible, Plus (Extended Edition)

All 77 lessons from The Bible: An Introduction, PLUS:

  • 30 award winning video Lessons

  • supplementary written material

  • Access to "Virtual Office Hours" with Dr. Creasy, and more!

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Only $79.99

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The Story of King David

No two-dimensional pious character, David “played exquisitely, he fought heroically, he loved titanically,” as historian Abram Leon Sachar notes.  “Withal he was a profoundly simple being, cheerful, despondent, selfish, generous, sinning one moment, repenting the next, the most human character of the Bible.” Like everyone else, from Samuel to Saul to Jonathan—to God himself—when we encounter David we are charmed by him, and we fall under his spell. 

As a work of literature, the David story is one of the most complex and subtle narratives in the Bible, and it is among the greatest stories in world literature.  When we approach it, we do well to bring all of our critical reading skills, sharply honed.

And that's what Dr. Creasy does in this course!

$ 279.00

The Gospel According to Luke

Dr. Bill Creasy delivers a course he refers to as "a portrait of Jesus": the perfect start to your study of the Bible.  

This course (like all Logos online courses) consists of 20+ video lectures, with extensive powerpoint slides, a course syllabus and bibliography, and resources including maps, artworks, onsite photographs, and study guides. After each video lecture, you will take a short "Knowledge Check" quiz, designed by our expert staff to help you retain the lessons and give you a sense of the remarkable achievement of your studies. You can also earn education credits for your studies! 

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Birth of the Church: The Acts of the Apostles

The combined work, the Gospel according to Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, is perhaps the best story in the New Testament, and it is among the best stories in all of Scripture. As a literary work, it stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the greatest works of world literature. The Acts of the Apostles witnesses the “birth of the church,” and it introduces us to a cast of characters, including St. Paul, who begins as the great persecutor of the church and becomes one of the greatest of saints. It is a thrilling story!

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$ 279.00


The Gospel According to John

Of all the writings in the New Testament, John is the most subtle and multi-layered, moving us into profoundly intimate moments with Jesus and his disciples. In it we see Jesus through the eyes of an old man remembering precious moments from long ago, moments shaped through decades of reflection. In John, we probe the very depths of who Jesus is.  

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Revelation is the final book in the Christian canon and the concluding narrative in the story of redemption. No other book in the Bible seems so cryptic as Revelation, no other book so extravagant in its symbolism and wild visions, and no other book so given to misreading and misinterpretation. 

Although written nearly 2,000 years ago, Revelation still grips our imagination with its drama, nightmare visions, exotic imagery, stunning colors, full-tilt sound, and over-the-top, blood-soaked violence.

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St. Paul’s epistle to the church at Rome—or Romans—is the most important of all Paul’s epistles and letters, and for Christians it is arguably the most important book in the entire Bible. We know from the Gospels and from Church teaching that Jesus is the virgin-born, sinless Son of God who went to the cross on our behalf, who died, who was buried and who on the 3rd day rose from the dead, enabling our salvation. That is who he is and what he did.

But how do we appropriate who Christ is and what he did? How do we reach out and take hold of it? That is the issue Paul addresses in Romans.

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