Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn with Logos Bible Study?

Logos Bible Study grew out of The English Bible as Literature, a course that Dr. Bill Creasy taught at UCLA for many years.  Today, Dr. Creasy is once again teaching through the entire Bible, verse-by-verse, using the same approach he did at UCLA, only his current teaching is much more in-depth than anything he has done in the past.  As a Christian, Dr. Creasy brings both academic integrity and spiritual insight to his Scripture classes -- as well as a great deal of humor!

Who can learn with Logos?

Anyone who has a desire to understand Scripture can enjoy learning with Logos Bible Study, from the complete beginner to the most advanced seminary student. 

Can I get Continuing Education Credit for an Online Logos Course?

Dr. Creasy designed each course in the Online Classroom to meet all the standards for 3 units of university academic credit.  Consequently, for all Logos online courses the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego, through the Office for Evangelization and Catechetical Ministry, grants renewal for certified Catholic school teachers and catechists. 

Can I learn with Logos from anywhere in the world?

Yes!  For over 30 years Dr. Creasy has taught live classes throughout southern California and Arizona, and now  Dr. Creasy's teaching is available globally, through the Logos Online Classroom.

What is the Logos Online Classroom?

The Logos Online Classroom offers Dr. Creasy's classes through a "Learning Management System" (LMS), similar to how universities offer online undergraduate courses. You can access courses on your Mac, PC, Smartphone, Tablet - just about anything! Learn at your own pace and convenience. 

How do I access my online classes?

Easy! Go to the Logos Online Classroom (launching January 9, 2017). Once you sign in, you have direct access to the courses you are enrolled in. Just click "resume", and you will start again where you left off! 

Can I listen to my online class any time?

Yes! The Logos Online Classroom will always be open to you. Once you enroll in a course, you can access the material anytime.

What are "Virtual Office Hours"?

As part of our courses in the Online Classroom, students will gain access to small-group discussion meetings with Dr. Creasy. These are topic-based discussions, and they are run through our Webinar portal. You can join Office Hours from home or anywhere in the world! Only registered students in the Online Classroom have access to this valuable learning experience. 

Do I own the online class once I purchase it?

All the courses and course material on are copyrighted and owned by Logos Educational Corporation, the parent company of Logos Bible Study.  Once you register for an online course, however, you may access your course material any time you like. The Online Classroom is "cloud based", which means that we store and host the courses on our platform, and enrolled students have unlimited access to their courses. 

Do Logos Bible Study courses receive accreditation?

Dr. Creasy has designed and taught all of his Logos Bible Study courses to meet the academic requirements for undergraduate credit at both UCLA and the University of San Diego.  Roman Catholic dioceses may also offer continuing education credit for Dr. Creasy's courses.

Are your courses non-denominational?

Dr. Creasy has taught live Scripture classes at UCLA and the University of San Diego, as well as in hundreds of church communities; both Catholic and Protestant churches have hosted and endorsed his teaching.

How do I join one of Dr. Creasy's teaching tours? 

Dr. Creasy has been leading multiple teaching tours every year since 1992, and they are extraordinary experiences! Once you experience the "land of the Bible" with Dr. Creasy, you will never read Scripture in the same way again: now, you read Scripture in black & white; then, you will read it in technicolor!  Simply click here to get started.  

Can I contact Logos Bible Study?

Absolutely!  Just click here with any questions or comments.  And if you are a registered student in the Online Classroom, you can speak with Dr. Creasy directly during his "virtual office hours"!