Group Study


Scripture study can be a profound source of fellowship. We are often asked how the Logos Online Classroom can be used in group studies, in churches, colleges, and communities. Here are the steps to integrate the Online Classroom into your group study:

  1. The group leader fills out this form.
  2. Dr. Creasy will respond personally to your request to use Logos courses in your studies. 
  3. Once approved, the group leader enrolls in his or her course of choice in the Online Classroom
  4. Each member of the group signs up (for free) to participate, using this form
  5. The group leader arranges for public display of the course lectures. (All those in attendance must sign up here to participate.)
  6. Each individual study group member participates in his or her class for free.  If they would like to have unlimited access to all the course material on their own computers, tablets and mobile devices, along with comprehensive supplementary material including "Virtual Office Hours" with Dr. Creasy and a "Certificate of Completion," acknowledging that they have mastered the content of the course, they can register individually, as well, with a 50% discount. 

We welcome your interest in Logos Bible Study and the Online Classroom in your community. We also appreciate your going through this simple process for permissions and access. 

If you have any further questions, please get in touch, and we will arrange a program that works for you!