Dr. Creasy's Suggested Reading for The Kings of Israel and Judah

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“Joseph, Judah and Jacob”, in Literary Interpretations of Biblical Narratives

J. S. Ackerman

Under Every Green Tree: Popular Religion in Sixth-Century Judah

Susan Ackerman

“The Deception of Isaac, Jacob’s Dream at Bethel, and Incubation on an Animal Skin”, in Priesthood and Cult in Ancient Israel

Susan Ackerman  

From Paradise to the Promised Land: An Introduction to the Themes of the Pentateuch

T. Desmond Alexander

The Art of Biblical Narrative

Robert Alter

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The Art of Biblical Poetry

Robert Alter

The Five Books of Moses: A Translation with Commentary

Robert Alter

The Literary Guide to the Bible

Robert Alter and Frank Kermode

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Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature

Erich Auerbach

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Life in Kings: Reshaping the Royal Story in the Hebrew Bible

A. Graeme Auld

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Narrative Art in the Bible (Understanding the Bible and Its World)

Shimon Bar-Efrat  

Reading the Old Testament: Method in Biblical Study

John Barton

Poetics and Interpretation of Biblical Narrative

Adele Berlin

A History of Israel

John Bright

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Isaiah and the Assyrian Crisis

Brevard S. Childs

Reading the Fractures in Genesis: Historical and Literary Approaches

David M. Carr

II Kings: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary

Mordechai Cogan and Hayim Tadmor

Asking for Rhetoric: the Hebrew Bible’s Protean Interrogative

Kenneth M. Craig, Jr. 

The Narrative Covenant: Transformations of Genre in the Growth of Biblical Literature

David Damrosch

The Literary Structure of the Old Testament: a Commentary on Genesis-Malachi

David A. Dorsey

Thinking in Circles: An Essay on Ring Composition

Mary Douglass

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The Bible and the Psyche: Individuation Symbolism in the Old Testament

Edward F. Edinger

The Forgotten Kingdom: The Archaeology and History of Northern Israel

Israel Finkelstein

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Biblical Interpretation in Ancient Israel

Michael Fishbane

Reading Biblical Narrative

J. P. Fokkelman

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Kinds of Literature: An Introduction to the Theory of Genres and Modes

Alastair Fowler

Juxtaposition and the Elisha Cycle

Rachelle Gilmore

“The Composition of Kings” in The Books of Kings: Sources, Composition, Historiography and Reception

Baruch Halpern and Andre Lemaire

I and II Chronicles: A Commentary

Sara Japhet

Manasseh through the Eyes of the Deuteronomists

Percy S.F. van Keulen

I Chronicles

Ralph W. Klein

II Chronicles

Ralph W. Klein

Israel in the Book of Kings: The Past as a Project of Social Identity

James R. Linville

“The Chronicler as Redactor” in The Chronicler as Author:  Studies in Text and Texture

Steven L. McKenzie

The Chronicler’s Use of the Deuteronomistic History

Steven L. McKenzie

Josiah’s Reform and the Dynamics of Defilement:  Israelite Rites of Violence and the Making of a Biblical Text

Lauren A. S. Monroe

A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Books of Kings

James A. Montgomery

The Deuteronomic History and the Book of Chronicles:  Scribal Works in an Oral World

Raymond F. Person, Jr. 

The Kings-Isaiah and Kings-Jeremiah Recensions

Raymond F. Person, Jr. 


The Poetics of Biblical Narrative:  Ideological Literature and the Drama of Reading

Meir Sternberg

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In Search of History:  Historiography in the Ancient World and the Origins of Biblical History

John Van Seters