Dr. Creasy's Suggested Reading for Revelation

The Climax of Prophecy: Studies on the Book of Revelation

R.J. Bauckham


The Book of Revelation (New International Greek Testament Commentary)

G.K. Beale


Revelation: Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching

M.E. Boring


A Commentary on the Revelation of St. John the Divine

G.B. Caird

Myth and History in the Book of Revelation

John Court


A Re-birth of Images: The Making of St. John’s Apocalypse

Austin Farrer


Imperial Cults and the Apocalypse of John: Reading Revelation in the Ruins

Steven J. Friesen 



W.J. Harrington


The Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia in Their Local Setting

C.J. Hemer


Suffering and Martyrdom in the New Testament

William Horbury, Brian McNeil, eds.


Revelation: The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ

Judith Kovacs and Christopher Rowland


Imperial Cult and Commerce in John’s Apocalypse

J. Nelson Kraybill


I Saw a New Earth:  An Introduction to the Visions of the Apocalypse

Paul S. Minear


Revelations: Visions, Prophecy, and Politics in the Book of Revelation

Elaine Pagels


The Open Heaven: A Study of Apocalyptic in Judaism and Early Christianity

Christopher Rowlands


The Book of Revelation: Justice and Judgment

Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza


The Book of Revelation: Apocalypse and Empire

L.L. Thompson


Mysterious Apocalypse: A History of the Interpretation of the Book of Revelation

W.A. Wainwright


Revelation (Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture)

Peter S. Williamson


The Combat Myth in the Book of Revelation

Adela Yarbro Collins


Crisis & Catharsis:  The Power of the Apocalypse

Adela Yarbro Collins